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AMSA is an independent, global association that exists to support, inform and inspire tomorrow’s physicians. The ones committed to making the world a better place through medicine. Like you.


At AMSA, we see a better way forward. We see opportunities to reshape medicine as future physicians. Our vision is a world where health care is accessible, medicine is affordable and systems support the diversity we see around us.

IM·体育注册 Medical Education, Amplified.

AMSA bolsters medical education in ways that support professional and personal growth. So you can become the kind of physician who thinks beyond drugs and diagnoses. The kind of physician who makes a difference. The kind of physician you want to become.


Learn to take that issue that keeps you up at night and channel it into full-throated activism.

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Delve deeply into fields you’re interested in alongside mentors and peers who share your passions.

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Tap into AMSA’s deep and wide alumni network—learn from experts and fellow game-changers.

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Future physicians—eager for change.

Seven decades ago, we realized that we—as medical students, as tomorrow’s physicians—are the change agents. We’re the catalysts that bring the passion, the drive and the tenacity to impact health care change in the name of a more just, inclusive world. 

And so we have — and continue to.

Patients above profits. 

We’re independent at our core— AMSA only partners with organizations and businesses who share our mission and values without undue influence from marketing or conflict of interest.

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Med-ed Superfood.

Think of AMSA as an incubator for your career: we provide the support through our diverse network of students from all walks of life, and the training needed for what comes next. 

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What’s in it for you?

So much.
Join our inspired team, where you can learn to lead,
find your niche and make friends for life.


What’s hot at AMSA right now?

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Chapter Officer Hub

You’re elite — you’re an AMSA Chapter Officer. AMSA is here to support you — visit the Chapter Officer Hub for tools, tips, reminders and a way to ask any questions!

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